Salt Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) | Lose 10 LBS In 1 Day

Salt Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) – Lose 10 LBS In 1 Day | How to Lose Weight 5 Kg in 1 day or 10 Lbs in a day | Salt Water Flush for Weight Loss. This salt water flush cleanse will help you lose 10 lbs in a day and clean your colon naturally at home. Lose 5kgs in 1 day with this Master Cleanse Recipe / Salt Water Cleanse.
Lose 10 Pounds In A Day | Sea Salt Flush | Master Cleanse Recipe | Colon Cleanse At Home Naturally
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Do’s and Don’ts as well as who can have and who should avoid this flush has been explained clearly so please watch the video carefully.
PS: Please follow at your own discretion (Weak/faint-hearted may not follow)
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This recipe will help flush excess water weight from the body. Please follow the instructions carefully and choose the right product for it to work.
1 litre water needs to be consumed in 1 sitting and then do not drink or eat anything for the next 8 hours. Only Non Iodized Himalayan or Sea Salt would do the trick. If you have puked, that means it hasn’t worked, maybe the product used had iodine, hence will not show the results. You may do this another time with the right product. Best buying links are updated above.
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