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Ever wanted to drink in a nightmarish dystopian horror reality? What do you mean you already are?


This week on How to Drink I’m coming to you from the home front on Air Strip One mixing up a fresh batch of Victory Gin Martini. The 1948 George Orwell novel, ‘1984’, features the main character Winston drinking copious amounts of this industrial waste product turned “gin” at the Chestnut Tree Cafe. The book describes it as being “oily” and “tasting of Chinese Rice Spirit” so, oh boy, this is gonna be double plus delicious. Still, I think I managed to thread the needle of remaining true to the book and also somehow drinkable.

Victory Gin Martini
• Some Dry Juniper Berries
• 2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Vodka
• .5 oz. -or- 15 ml. Kaoliang Baijiu
• 2 Dashes Orange BItters
• Muddle and shake
• Serve in Martini Glass
• Garnish with olives

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