Black Lemonade Recipe Charcoal – Drink DIY Recipe – How to Make – Cheap Easy Fun

You won’t be able to taste the Charcoal or Pink Salt in this Healthy Black Lemonade, they are there for nutritional value ? ?
We wanted to make a Halloween Themed Lemonade that’s fun and healthy to drink! I hope you have as much fun as we did!

Pink Fine Salt 2lbs:

Food Grade Activated Charcoal:

Raw Agave Nectar (Fair Trade) 2 pack of 46oz each:

Cure a Hangover, Detoxify, Neutralize Your Body

The links are the best deal for the amount you get. You can also find them in local Health Food stores and/or Nutrition Storej
Activated Charcoal:
Agave Nectar:
Himalayan Salt:

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