Raw Food Recipe ~ Laura’s Breakfast Granola

My breakfast granola. It is super yummy and easy to make as well as lasting several weeks in the fridge, but it wont because it will get eaten well before that!!
Hey, did anyone notice my new haircut? Sorry I didnt show the actual mixing of the ingredients, I misplaced my camera tripod and have no good way of filming without help. Hope you all enjoy.
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~Since adapting the raw food lifestyle 10 months ago, I, (Laura) have released 34 pounds. Currently I am 75% raw and still in transition. A medical diagnosis of severe anemia and leukemia prompted the change from a vegetarian diet to a raw food vegan lifestyle. I have experienced immense improvement in lab/blood tests as well as in energy and overall health since switching to raw foods. UPDATE: The anemia is now reversed and cured!!!~

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