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This video is about making lunch recipes with vegetables and rice. For the first six months you would have breastfed your baby but now when your baby turn 6 months old the breast feed milk is not enough for babies and it is important to give other foods like vegetable purees, fruit purees and other cereals.

The video has the following rice recipes,
1. Carrot rice
2. Moong Dhal rice
3. Potato rice
4. Pumpkin rice
5. Beetroot rice
6. Carrot beetroot rice

• Cook the food covered to retain the nutrients
• You can cook vegetables like carrot, potato along with the rice cooked for your family. No need to cook separately for baby.
• Vegetable can also be combined and cooked like carrot and beetroot can be combined along with rice.
• You can start feeding vegetable with rice from 7 month onwards.

Notes on introducing vegetable puree and fruit puree to babies:
1. Always keep in mind mother’s milk is the best thing to babies. Promise and believe in yourself you can breastfeed your baby for minimum 1 year. Of course you can feed your little one till 2 years of age
2. Babies require only breast milk until their 6 months of age. No need to feed them water too.
3. While introducing to any new vegetable or fruits to baby, do give them in small quantities and check for the behavior like allergy, baby’s poop.
4. Till 1 year of age babies do not require salt or sugar in their food. You can give jeera water or homemade gripe water for digestion.
5. Change the texture of fruits and vegetable puree as your baby grow and when baby learns to chew
6. Feed your baby as soon as you prepare the puree. Make sure it is not staying for more than 2 hours.
7. Always make fresh puree . Freezing baby food purees are not recommended.
8. Wash all the vegetables and fruits before you cook them
9. Do not forget to sterilize baby’s bottle and vessels before feeding to your little one.
10. Consult your doctor for introducing new food to babies.

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